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Zen and the Art of Quality

By Jikan

Zen and the Art of Quality

Quality is one of the most often used concepts in our existence. But what are we actually talking about? What exactly do we mean when we speak about quality? This book tries to answer these questions and offers a way to look at quality.


For this reason we go deeper in to Zen Buddhism: a philosophy in which quality plays a big part. About what kind of quality are we talking when it comes to Zen? And, what can we learn from this? In short, a research in quality in all its diversities.



"Zen and the art of quality" gives depth and understanding of an aspect that is important in everyone's life, but which too often, under the pressure of mercantile and economic principles, loses its true meaning."

Additional Information:

Complete English translation available

72 pages – Rights: World (Excl. Dutch)

Dutch author Marc Jikan Brookhuis has written several books on zen, mindfulness and Eastern philosophy.


He works as a zenteacher in The Netherlands and gives many courses like Zen & Archery and Zen & Mindfulness.

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