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Modern Iridology

A Holistic Guide to Reading the Eyes

By Sarah Donoghue

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A practical, accessible and insightful handbook on reading the eye.
The human eye is a blueprint of the body’s genetically inherited strengths
and weaknesses: a comprehensive health profile that offers informed dietary
and lifestyle choices that fully support individual constitutions. This book is
a guide to the often-misunderstood subject of iridology; a practical manual
that can be easily used by medical professionals and interested enthusiasts
alike. Complete with high quality photographs, charts and detailed case
studies, this essential book should be a staple on every modern health care practitioner's bookshelf.

Taking a holistic approach, author Sarah Donoghue explores the subject of iridology from a scientific, physical and emotional perspective. It allows readers to safely examine the iris and make confident assessments, as well as formulate individualised herbal, dietary and lifestyle interventions based on
information gleaned from the depths of the endlessly fascinating iris.

Additional Information:

Published: 2023 (Aeon Books) - Paperback - 130 pages - ISBN: 9781801520522

Rights: World

Sarah Donoghue is a herbalist and naturopath with over thirteen years’ experience working with botanical medicines. She trained in Western herbalism, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese herbal medicine, and iridology, and now runs a busy practice on the Cornish coast. She is also Ambassador for the Herb Society.

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