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My name is Wampe de Veer, and I have always loved working with authors, publishers and agents from all over the world. I think it is a great privilege to work alongside so many passionate people who love books and publishing as much as I do.


After having studied Publishing & Editing in Amsterdam I did my internship at the Cathy Miller Literary Agency in London. I was Foreign Rights Assistant for more than 2 years. Cathy Miller Agency specialized in psychology, psychotherapy, management and spirituality. The next move was from London to Stroud, in Gloucestershire. I was given the opportunity to work for Sutton Publishing, than part of Haynes Publishing as their Foreign Rights Executive & Bookclub manager. Sutton – now called The History Press – published around 200 new titles each year in areas such as history/biography, and military non-fiction.


After more than 8 years working in England I returned to The Netherlands, where I worked for more than 7 years for Ankh-Hermes Publishing, a well-known Spiritual publisher. In my job as acquisition Editor, I bought & sold translation rights for books.


In short: For more than 24 years I have sold and bought translation rights, developed lasting relationships with publishers, and agents, throughout the world, and attended numerous international book fairs.


In my role as an agent, I work with publishers, agents, authors, and co-agents throughout the world to help them find the right foreign publishers for their titles. If your quality fiction or non-fiction book has already been published in its original language, contact me to find out what I can do for you!

Cathy Miller Foreign Rights Agency has now also become a part of Blackbird Literary Agency. Cathy Miller has retired and passed on all existing contracts to this agency. 

Blackbird Literary Agency is a member of IPG in the UK.

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