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The Shiatsu Book

Based on the work of Denis Binks

By European Shiatsu Academy®

The Shiatsu Book

The authors are all teachers at the European Shiatsu Academy, and follow the Namikoshi style. 

All treatments by Denis Binks are officially registered at the Dutch Trademark Union ®

After finishing his study of  Namikoshi Shiatsu, Denis promised Tokujiro Namikoshi to take his knowledge of Shiatsu to Europe to establish this way of treatment. In 1975 he settled down in the Netherlands and started his work as a Shiatsu therapist It turned out to be a  long and sometimes difficult  assignment within the field of alternative medicine.

From Tokyo he got permission to establish a Shiatsu School in the Netherlands under the supervision of the Japan Shiatsu College. Later he put a lot of energy in taking Namikoshi Shiatsu well into Europe. His students were expected to have a Medical training. Whenever this was not the case they were obliged to take a Medical training before or during their study to become a Shiatsu Therapist.

In  the Namikoshi Shiatsu Colleges and Academies worldwide there is a standard treatment and procedure to perform considering this treatment.

All Shiatsu treatments developed by Denis Binks are the main subject of the tutorials given by the teachers of The European Shiatsu Academy ( ESA ).

Some of the treatments developed by Denis Binks are based on already existing Japanese treatments. Other treatments have additions by teachers of the European Shiatsu Academy.

The authors fulfil the long standing request  of many people to put the work of Denis in a book . It certainly offers a deepening contribution to Shiatsu.

Denis took Shiatsu, originally a very old method of Eastern medical treatment, to our Western world and developed the Eastern knowledge to an integrated modern collection of treatments.

This book is for therapists who are  interested in combining Eastern and Western Medicine. It can be used as a manual for specific Shiatsu treatments concerning specific health issues.

© Copyright Nippon Nederlandse Shiatsu School®  and European Shiatsu Academy®


Additional Information:

Published 2018 (European Shiatsu Academy)Complete English translation & Italian translation will be available soon

ISBN: 9789090313382 - Paperback - 96 pagina's (27.342 words)

b/w illustrations

Rights: World (incl. World English)

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