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A Rendezvous to Remember
A Memoir of Joy and Heartache at the Dawn of the Sixties

By Terry Marshall & Ann Garretson Marshall

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Terry Marshall & Ann Garretson Marshall taught English in the Philippines as Peace Corps volunteers and later served as Peace Corps country co-directors in the Solomon Islands, Kiribati, and Tuvalu. Back in the States, they worked side by side as community organizers and activists in Colorado. Terry went on to write fiction and nonfiction works on discrimination, poverty, rural development, and intercultural conflict. Ann has thirty years of experience as a writer, editor, and community-government go-between for issues related to nuclear and hazardous waste cleanup. Always seeking adventure, Terry and Ann have traveled to forty-three countries. They live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The true story of a soldier, a pacifist, and the woman who loved them both

Frustrated with the dating scene, Ann Garretson decided she couldn’t leave love to chance. So she set her sights on “The One”: her pen pal, Lieutenant Jack Sigg, a tank commander on the German-Czech border. In 1964, she skipped her college commencement to tour Europe with him, hoping to return as his fiancée. But a month into their rendezvous, her best friend, Terry, proposed marriage—by mail—throwing all their lives into turmoil.

Jack offered the military life Ann had grown up with. Terry, a conscientious objector, would leave for the Peace Corps at summer’s end, unless the draft board intervened and sent him to jail. Her dilemma: she loved them both.

Ann had to make an agonizing choice—a choice made all that much harder by her meddling parents, Terry’s passionate pleas, and Jack’s irresistible charm.

A Rendezvous to Remember is an intimate portrayal of relationships in the early sixties, written by a young woman finding her way in a changing world and by the man who ultimately won her heart. Provocative and delightfully uncensored, this coming-of-age memoir is a tribute to the enduring power of love and family.


Additional Information:

Published 2021 (Sandra Jonas Publishing) - ISBN: 9781733338622 - 378 pages - Hardback


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