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Submission Guidelines

Blackbird Literary Agency welcomes submissions from published authors, agents and publishers who are seeking representation throughout the World. This agency is particularly interested in authors with international appeal, and is looking for titles (fiction/non-fiction) for which it can sell (world) translation rights. In particular the following subjects: Spirituality, Biography/Memoir, History & Psychology/Health are of interest.

Please contact the agency if you are:

  • an (published) author and English is your first language - perhaps I can help you find an international publisher.

  • a publisher or agent who would like to be represented - perhaps I can help you find an international audience.

  • a Dutch publisher or author who has material in English - maybe I can help you find an international audience for the work.


In order to consider your work please send:

  • A brief covering letter with contact details, and relevant information;

  • A short synopsis; and

  • PDF (in English) of the work;


Blackbird Literary Agency can offer you the following:

  • Raising your profile with foreign publishers, and finding publishers who wish to publish your work in their language;

  • Making sure you get a good deal; and

  • Drawing up contracts, ensuring payments, following up at international book fairs.


Please note:

  • The agency cannot be held responsible for any manuscripts entrusted to it, and which might get lost in the mail.

  • Always keep a back up copy of your work.

  • It might take a couple of months before a submission has been read due to the many manuscripts that are sent and received by Agency.

  • If the manuscript is not a fit for the agency, or the agency has no more space for any new material, the send manuscript will be rejected.

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