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A Medical Thriller
By Stef J. Bloem

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Alexander de Graaf is a young, recently graduated doctor. He works in the department of gastrointestinal diseases in the Mallera hospital and is fighting for a training place.


His supervisor's attitude and a number of unexplained deaths seriously jeopardise his career. And then there is his turbulent love life....


The young doctor and the angel of death is a modern doctor's novel. Captivating from beginning to the surprising denouement.


Additional Information:

Published 2020 (Dutch) – Complete English translation

9789079624379 – Paperback - 286 pages


Rights: World

Stef Bloem (1996) lives in Amsterdam and is at the beginning of his medical career. He recently completed his medical studies at Leiden University summa cum laude. After contributing to several scientific articles, it is now time for his debut novel.   

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