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Be your own Philosopher

By Marc Brookhuis

Be your own Philosopher

We are bombarded with information from all directions - television, radio, newspapers, and the internet. Opinions, statements, and viewpoints flood our senses. But can we trust everything that is being said? What about our own thoughts? Do we still have the freedom to think independently and cultivate original ideas, or are we merely echoing the words of others?


This book seeks to stimulate one's own thinking. To do so, it relies on philosophy, a discipline that places thinking at its core. Two aspects are highlighted: the investigative phase, which revolves around developing one's own thoughts, and the critical phase, which involves scrutinizing thoughts, propositions, and opinions in greater depth. The book offers various exercises to ignite your philosophical curiosity and awaken the philosopher within you.

Additional Information:

Complete English translation available

48 pages – Rights: World (Excl. Dutch)

Dutch author Marc Jikan Brookhuis has written several books on zen, mindfulness and Eastern philosophy.


He works as a zenteacher in The Netherlands and gives many courses like Zen & Archery and Zen & Mindfulness.

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