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Blissful Soul

Re-Member who you really are

By Marie-Claire van der Bruggen

Blissful Soul

Ever since in her childhood Marie-Claire van der Bruggen (1969) was aware of a world that other people couldn’t perceive and where she felt very much at ease. After a long search she found answers to many of her questions.

With her books she wants to inspire other people to remember who they really are and where they really come from; and most importantly, she hopes to take away the fear of dying.

Wisdom and love exist everywhere around us. Within you and around you. Whether you sense it or not, whether you see it or not, they are always there. They are patiently present in this amazing world we live in. They are always present in your own heart, your gateway to your soul. Wisdom and love can colour and enrich your life overnight. Like they do now, since you are holding an extraordinary book. An extraordinary book that also came into my life out of the blue. I have the honour to be one of the first to read it and write the foreword. Marie-Claire turns out, in addition to the many other talents she has, to be a real narrator, a woman who "is aware". A woman who has been listening to the whispering of the Universe and the language of the soul for some time now. The clear interpretation and wisdom in this book cause you to keep on reading to the end.


What Blissful Soul contains is of great value. Where love is, is no fear. Where compassion is, is love. Wisdom, compassion and love illuminate the road to the essential ambitions of the soul. When they are understood and observed, you live the happiness of the soul as a human creature. Then, you will bring heaven on earth within you, through you, like you. The fact that you are holding this book, shows that you have opened your mind to experience even more wisdom, love and compassion. Blissful Soul makes you see, understand and sense that it is all within you, and that you can make powerful choices, time and time again.

Additional Information:

Published 2019(Boekenbent) - 6th reprint

ISBN: 9789085708063 - 112 pages - Hardback

Rights: World (incl. World English, excl. Germany)

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