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Books by Kate Ashton

Kate Ashton is a Scots-born writer and translator, now at home in the Highlands. For nearly 25 years she lived and worked in The Netherlands, predominately in Friesland, a part of the world she will always love and return to. She reads, reviews, and translates from Dutch, Frisian and Flemish.

Her writing career began in the mid-’70s, when she went into nursing journalism after nurse training in Edinburgh. Moving to The Netherlands, she continued medical feature writing and reporting, and wrote hospital-based romantic fiction before establishing her own freelance editorial services business. Two works of Frisian social history, biography and literary monograph, were translated and published in Frisian. Meanwhile she began actively exploring her own form of narrative non-fiction.

Her prose style is ‘modernist’ and freely oscillates between realism and impressionism, constantly mutating in response to content. Her poems appear in UK literary magazines, and a full poetry collection, Who by Water, came out from Shearsman Books in 2016.  

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