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Cuddle Cards© (age 6-12)

To be used in combination with the cuddle journal for kids

By Margot Janssen & Yvonne van Meteren

Sold approx. 100.000 copies

Cuddle Cards© are a set of colourful cards with a funny drawing, a catchword and a phrase. These cards have been designed for children in the 6-12 age group. For instance they need comforting, deserve a reward or when they have finished doing their homework and last but not least ... just for fun. Cuddle Cards© can also serve as a starting point for a chat or a nice drawing. Experience has shown that grown-ups also can use them in all sorts of creative ways.

Spead all the cards out on the table with the red side facing up. Allow the child to pick one up at leisure, to read it or have it read out to them. All drawings and texts are of a positive nature and will invariably create moments of surprise and/or comfort for the child. The cards are currently in demand in schools, day-care centers and children's hospitals. Remedial teachers, psychologists and therapists have reported enthusiastically about the various ways they have been using these cards.


Additional Information:

Published 2007 (Dutch) - Complete English & German Translation

ISBN: 9080506613 – 52 cards

Rights: World (excl. Dutch)

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