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Diary of a Beatlemaniac

A Fab Insider's Look at the Beatles Era

By Patricia Gallo-Stenman

Diary of a Beatlemanac

Driven by the frenzy of fan clubs, Beatles concerts, and endless dreams and meeting schemes, Diary of a Beatlemaniac: A Fab Insider's Look at the Beatles Era romps through the heady, roller-coaster days of Beatlemania as seen through the eyes of one Philadelphia schoolgirl and her band of 'Beatle Buddies.' 


Compiled from the author's own diary and extensive scrapbooking, and featuring a wealth of original photographs and exclusive interviews with Victor Spinetti and Hy Lit, this extraordinary slice of life peeks into the heart of an inner-city teen at the forefront of Beatlemania.


For Beatlemaniacs of any age, this memoir offers a unique glimpse into the groovy days of the Swingin' Sixties and the chance to relive the magic of the pop-culture phenomenon called the Beatles.



Additional Information:

Published 2018 (Cynren Press)

ISBN: 9781947976030 – 214 pages - Paperback - 31 Illustration/photo's

Rights: World

Philadelphia native Patricia Gallo-Stenman, author of Diary of a Beatlemaniac: A Fab Insider's Look at the Beatles Era (2018), worked as a staff writer for the Philadelphia Evening and Sunday Bulletin. A graduate of Temple University and the University of Stockholm (Sweden) International Graduate School, and an award-winning copywriter, she practiced journalism in northern Europe for nearly twenty-five years. She has also written about the Beatles for Discover, The Sunday Bulletin Magazine. Patricia lives near Dallas, Texas, with her identical twin daughters Jane and Margaretha.

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