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Each Year of Life
Its Symbolism & Meaning

By Hans Korteweg - Illustrations by Erica Duvekot.


Sold: Germany (Kosel)

It's symbolism and meaning - Blackbird Literary Agency

Hans Korteweg, director of the Institute for Applied Psychology in The Netherlands, is the author of five philosophical books.


Illustrations by Erica Duvekot, an art therapist and teacher of art, design, and theater, is the author of Teachings of a Courtisane

‘The wisdom contained in this little book is quite extraordinary. It is obvious when reading through the various life-periods that the author has a deep knowledge of and insight into the life of a human being. The extraordinary part is that it is as if he has a “bird’s eye view” of your life so that the general comments as well as the more specific ones are so accurate. It have bought this book again and again for family and friends …’ – Reader review from


“All knowledge is useless if it isn’t connected to the rhythm that vibrates through everything. Knowledge is bare and fruitless without the cadence of life.”


Like a curious story, alive with the wondrous and the everyday, the years of life unfold before us in Each Year of Life. From the first to the last, each year of life holds its own special challenges and possibilities, its own unique essence, and Hans Korteweg offers rare year-by-year insights into what each might mean. These meditations, accompanied by charming illustrations, reflect the author’s passionate engagement with psychology, philosophy and myths, fairy tales, numerology, and cosmic patterns. Both a journal of years and a guide toe ach year’s journey, this book will enrich and enlighten the lifelong experience it so wisely chronicles.



1 Preface

2 Personal Commentary

3 Coming from Heaven

4 All this is that I am

5 The Wheel Turns

6 Alone and together

7 Entering the world

8 Crystallization

9 Through the Labyrinth

10 Guiding and being used

11 Heaven and Earth

12 Toward Simplicity

13 Through Death

14 Eternal Life

15 General commentary

16 Birthday Calendar

17 About the author & illustrator



Additional Information:

12th edition: 2010 (Dutch) - Complete English translation

ISBN: 9789021595719 – 168 pages – colour illustr. – Hardback

Rights: World (incl. World English)

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