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Living and Working with Spirit Guides

By Ellen Scheffer


Ellen Scheffer is a visual artist and spiritual coach; she gives individual consultations, lectures and workshops. Earlier she wrote Featherlight. Living and working with spiritual guides and Suicide in the Light of the Soul”.

After a spiritual search and a process of awakening, Ellen Scheffer came into contact with her personal guide completely unexpected in 1994. In this book she talks about her development that led to this contact and how her life fundamentally changed as a result.


We are all guided by spiritual guides, whether we realize it or not. Our guides really want us to become more aware of their presence and to work with them. According to them, our lives could be much more enjoyable and smoother with their support. By reaching out to our personal guides and following our inner guidance, we can greatly accelerate our spiritual growth.


Ellen Scheffer wrote this book with the help ofher guides. And in it you will find questions such as: How do guides guide us and in what way can we make contact? What is the purpose of our life and how do our guides think about well-known themes - coming from different spiritual currents - such as: 'Reincarnation', 'We are all one', 'You create your own reality' and how we should apply in our daily life? '


During this time of great change and transformation in our consciousness, it is important that we work together with our guides. 

Additional Information:

Published 2007(Eoscentra/Pallasia)

ISBN: 9789075362770 - 278 pages - Paperback

Rights: World (incl. World English, excl. Germany)

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