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Food, Glorious Food

Transcending Obesity through the Symbology of Freud and Jung

By Nadine Jacobs

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This book breaks down the complexity of food pathologies and will assist readers in understanding their depths and underlying archetypes.

In the last century food has become a multibillion-dollar industry, resulting in the world’s population becoming fatter and fatter. This has resulted in rapidly growing cases of obesity, and its accompanying health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and heart problems.


Food, Glorious Food explores the origins of the importance of food in our society, and through a Jungian lens what it is about food that drives us, as a society, beyond the point of satiety. The book also explores the cultural symbols of the unconscious narrative around food, using Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland as a text to further illustrate this. 

Additional Information :

Published 2022 (Aeon Books) - ISBN: 9781801520263 - 204 Pages - Paperback

Rights: World

Nadine Jacobs is a writer with a master’s degree in psychology and a national diploma in foodservice management. She worked in the food industry for twenty years and lectures at thedepartment of dietetics at the Nelson Mandela University. She has trained in hypnotherapy, dreaminterpretation, reiki and Aura Soma and through her writing, she integrates her three passions: spirit,food and psychology. Her current research focuses on finding practical solutions to address andprocess unconscious trauma of people struggling with obesity.

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