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Get Your Guts

Your instinct as a compass

By Hilde A.J. Bolt

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Someone with Guts is a person with guts. But have guts to do with the gut area with our belly? A lot. Our gut area contains much more wisdom than we think. The signals from the gut area are the instrument, the compass from which you can live. And Guts is the strength you need to act accordingly.


Life can be beautiful, but also full of risks and sometimes cruel. We cannot always choose what crosses our path. Yet it is often possible to deal with life more lightly, playfully, creatively and simply. This book offers a wealth of information, wisdom and insights on how the body and mind interact with an ever-changing environment. It also offers, in a profound and refreshingly accessible way, tools to make the best use of the Head, Heart and Instinct and let them work together.


Get your Guts is a wake-up call, a reminder of your own origins. The wisdom of your body, your gut area gives you the opportunity to revive ancient instinctive and hidden knowledge. Get your Guts is a book for people who want to develop guts themselves, but also a book that every therapist, coach or counsellor should have read.


In this candid and courageous book, Drs Hilde A.J. Bolt (1970) describes her own professional vision and the path she has taken as a woman, wife and (step)mother, psychologist-psychotherapist, coach, trainer and trauma expert.


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"Wonderful book, full of wisdom and wake-up calls. Professional take on how to bring head, heart and gut together, interspersed with wonderful stories, beautiful anecdotes and loving illustrations."

Additional Information:

Published: 2021 (Leporello) - Paperback - 228 pages

ISBN: 9789079624201


Rights: World 

Dutch author Hilde Bolt has been with Coach College de Baak for more than 15 years. Originally trained as a psychologist-psychotherapist and trauma expert, she works from her own company the Internal Movement Company. She specialises in body-oriented work for trauma, stress and burn-out, among other things.

GUTS in times of corona... and after' shows how to stay afloat during this difficult period and how to take good care of yourself. A practical self-care guide for those who could use some GUTS.


In these times we desperately need Guts to stay mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy. This lucid booklet combines a deeper understanding of the corona crisis with wisdom and views on what is going on and its consequences, socially and personally. It also gives practical guidance on issues you can influence yourself. 'GUTS in times of corona... and after' shows how to survive this difficult period and how to take good care of yourself.

Additional Information:

Published: 2021 (Leporello) - Paperback - 115 pages

ISBN: 9789079624423

Rights: World

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Guts in Times of Corona... and after

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