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The Source of Chronic Disease: How to Treat It with Herbs and Natural Healing

By Christine Herbert


Christine Herbert FAMH, DipAET, BA (Hons) qualified as a herbalist in 1997, after spending nineteen years in the NHS as a biomedical scientist. She retired from practice in 2019 in order to dedicate her time to sharing her knowledge through teaching and writing. Christine is an Honorary Fellow of the Association of Master Herbalists.

Inflammation is a major scourge of modern life and most people are affected by it to one extent or another. It is the underlying reason for all the major chronic diseases we see today and is the result of many different pathological processes which then result in a range of conditions from allergies, diabetes to cancer. It also has a big impact on mood and mental health. Inflammation, the Source of Chronic Disease is about acute inflammation which has transformed into chronic inflammation - unresolved inflammation that does not have a useful or positive outcome in the body, and is positively damaging to the body.


The book takes a holistic approach and goes beyond the use of anti-inflammatory medication which only treats the result of and not the cause of disease, and can also become part of the problem if used long term. It explains the inflammatory processes, the causes and risk factors and details a wide range of chronic inflammatory diseases. It explores how to treat the underlying causes of the inflammation, in order to get a proper resolution and a return to health, through the use of diet, herbs and natural medicine.


A materia medica is provided at the end of the book. This essential book is aimed at herbalists, naturopaths and nutritionists, but is also written in a way that is accessible for therapists and anyone interested in the subject.

Additional Information:

Published 2022 (Aeon Books) - ISBN: 978180152071 – 240 pages – Paperback


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