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It's Raining Stones

The Spiritual Inheritance of the Dutch East Indies

By Coen Ackers

It's Raining Stones

1825,1831, 1834, 1842. Reports keep appearing about a bizarre phenomenon that would occur in the Dutch East Indies. It is puzzling and disturbing, because it is uncontrollable for Western colonial officials. The natives see it as the hand of invisible forces from the world of ghosts and demons. However, the officials doggedly try to find a rational explanation...but fail.

I soon convinced myself that this could not be done by human hands


Some of those officials eventually give in to a different explanation and practice spiritualism back in the Netherlands: the conscious summoning of spirits. Gradually, their appreciation for the different forms of spirituality of 'the Easterner' grows and in this way they contribute to the growing call for a less heavy-handed colonial policy.


When Indonesia gains its independence, Dutch culture appears to have changed significantly in one respect. The Indonesian appreciation for a non-material reality has left traces in the spiritual view of many Dutch people. For the Netherlands, therefore, the most far-reaching legacy of the Dutch East Indies is spiritual.



Additional Information:

Published 2007 (Dutch)

ISBN: 9789078946014 – 393 - Paperback

Rights: World (incl. World English)

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