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Liberty Farm
By Izai Amorim

Liberty Farm Izai Amorim

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Set in the semi-arid backlands of northeastern Brazil and spanning one century and three generations, this family saga is a complex psychological portrait of family life, intertwined with Brazil’s history from the birth of the republic to the end of the military dictatorship in 1989.

Liberty Farm is a chronicle of family and society, history and geography, life and death, loyalty and justice, truth and connivance. It’s also a tale of paternal and filial love in all of its forms: strongly felt, unreciprocated, withheld, yearned for, never obtained. “Father, please look at me...”

The death of the favorite son creates a love black hole that sucks away the father’s entire love. Invisible like the ones in the sky, this love black hole will rule the family for decades, its existence only revealed by the odd behavior of the three older sons. “The family must always stay together...”

'This is a great historical story about life in a family in Brazil. As usual, Izai does a great job with the characters in this book! I was rooting for a few and despising a few of them. The story is about a family of farmers who gets their children to go to college. It spans a few generations and comes from the view of a few of the characters. It is also told during a rough part of Brazil history, adding to the flavor of the story. I recommend this book!' - Reader review on - 5 stars

Additional Information:

Published 2022 - 383 pages

ISBN: 9783982165660 — Hardcover (black & white photographs)
ISBN: 9783982165677 — Softcover (black & white photographs)
ISBN: 9783982165684 — Ebook (color photographs)

Rights: European Languages

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