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Life-Coach Yourself to Success
Put Yourself First To Be the One You Want to Be

By Barrie Pearson & Neil Thomas

Life-Coach Yourself to Success

Barrie Pearson is a truly inspirational individual – a natural communicator (and successful seminar presenter) and, after great experience as a senior executive with multinational companies, a successful entrepreneur. He founded a corporate finance boutique – Livingstone Guarantee plc, the first independent corporate finance house in the UK, advising on acquisitions, disposals, management buy-ins and buy-outs, flotations and corporate finance. He sold the company for a substantial sum. He then created a new business called Realization, dedicated to world class mentoring and coaching for successful entrepreneurs and chief executives in wealth creation and personal development. The lessons in this book have been tested throughout his business and private life.

Are you satisfied with the way your life is going – personally and financially? We often hear of people looking for an easy fix for their problems, but that’s rarely the answer.

Perhaps, like many others, you too are busy spending your time thinking about and working for other people - so what about yourself? Are you spending any time thinking about and planning your own future?

In this inspiring book, authors Neil Thomas and Barrie Pearson provide life-coaching techniques you can use to build a successful, fulfilling life for yourself. Unlike most coaching books, which are written by coaches themselves, Life-coach Yourself to Success has been written by two highly successful entrepreneurs who’ve actually followed and tested the advice they preach.

This book is a tool to help you learn how to put yourself first for a change, how to understand your strengths and weaknesses and how to build a blue-print for success in life that you can turn into a reality. You are the business you have inherited. You can be the best business you will ever get to manage.

Additional Information:

Published 2021 (Thorogood) - 216 pages - ISBN: 9781854189318 - Paperback

Rights: World

Neil Thomas has, after working for various media companies, also built and sold a training business (the seminar, training and publishing business, Hawksmere plc) and then a magazine business. He is currently involved in a variety of business ventures, including Falconbury Ltd and Management Forum Ltd, both seminar and training companies. Barrie Pearson and Neil Thomas have each written several books, but their only other jointly authored work was the international best-selling The Shorter MBA. Neil has also written a wide range of fiction books: Barrie Pearson has lived his life according to the approaches outlined in this book and Neil Thomas constantly aspires, some times successfully, to do the same, but for him, the road to success is always under construction.

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