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Light & Love

Coming Home

By Marie-Claire van der Bruggen

Light and Love

Ever since in her childhood Marie-Claire van der Bruggen (1969) was aware of a world that other people couldn’t perceive and where she felt very much at ease. After a long search she found answers to many of her questions.

With her books she wants to inspire other people to remember who they really are and where they really come from; and most importantly, she hopes to take away the fear of dying.

You will find Light & Love everywhere. In yourself and around you. Sometimes it is difficult to see and experience it, but it is always there.


This fourth book by Marie-Claire van der Bruggen will enrich your life. It helps you Re-member what you already know deep down but have forgotten. Because everything you read in this book, you already know at soul level. It contains beautiful wisdoms for everyone who is looking for a happy life. It will make you grow as a soul and help you Come Home and find Yourself.


As a child Marie-Claire van der Bruggen (1969) was already aware of a world that others could not perceive and in which she felt very comfortable. Here on earth she felt less at home and often had a strange kind of nostalgia for something she could not put into words. After a long search and with the help of her guide Charion, she finally found answers. It is her wish to inspire people and help them with her experiences. re-thinking who they really are and where they actually came from.

Additional Information:

Published 2014 (Boekenbent)

ISBN: 9789462036482 - 104 pages - Hardback

Rights: World (incl. World English, excl. Germany)

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