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Light on your Life Path

By Ellen Scheffer

Light on your Life Path

Ellen Scheffer is a visual artist and spiritual coach; she gives individual consultations, lectures and workshops. Earlier she wrote Featherlight. Living and working with spiritual guides and Suicide in the Light of the Soul”.

In Light on your life path Ellen Scheffer discusses the question why we, as soul, choose to come to earth, how we prepare for our stay on earth by making a soul- and life-plan together with our guides, and how we spend time in between our different lives.


Her starting point is that we are all souls who come to experience, discover and learn something here on earth, in order to develop ourselves and expand our consciousness.


In her book she highlights topics such as soul assignment and life themes, destination and free will, age and choice of life, the connection between body and soul, the soul plan of man and animal, lightworkers, the new earth, work, health, love and family relationships and many other themes. In addition, the important role of our guides as guides on our life path is discussed: what forms of contact with them are possible, what happens at night, cleaning up old ballast, standing on your own feet and other topics.


How our soul and life plan actually takes shape in our life is depicted visually by ten life stories and experiences from her own life and practice as a spiritual coach. Ellen Scheffer offers us a new perspective on our existence; she hopes to achieve that we can better remember who we really are and that we can realize our destiny as soul on earth more easily and with more pleasure ...

Additional Information:

Published 2014(Eoscentra/Pallasia)

ISBN: 9789075362992 - 224 pages - Paperback

Rights: World (incl. World English, excl. Germany)

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