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Back to the Here and Now

By Jikan


Interest in Eastern philosophy and ways of thinking has flourished in the western world for some time now. Meditation and yoga have become commonplace in our society. Recently interest has bloomed in another aspect of Eastern thinking: mindfulness.


But what is mindfulness? What is it good for? Where did it come from? This book addresses these questions and provides numerous mindfulness exercises that are easy to apply in one’s daily life.

"If you are not ahead with your thoughts, each footstep is not just a means to an end but a unique event in itself."

Additional Information:

Complete English & German translation available

45 pages – Rights: World (Excl. Dutch)

Dutch author Marc Jikan Brookhuis has more than twenty years experience in Zen and Eastern philosophy. A large part of his education he did at the Zentrum in Utrecht, The Netherlands.


He also spent a few weeks in Wat Suan Mokkh (a monastery in Thailand) where he practiced Vipassana meditation. Marc Brookhuis works as a Mental Coach and teaches Zen meditation and gives lectures about mindfulness and Eastern philosophy. He has written several books about Zen and mindfulness.

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