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How to Create a Prosperous Healthcare Practice with Joy, Ease and Authenticity

Hannah Charman


The go-to handbook for building a flourishing healthcare practice. Are you a student or healthcare practitioner – newly qualified or experienced - who is looking to build a thriving business? Hannah Charman answers all your questions, breaking down the steps to build a prosperous healthcare practice. Within these pages, readers learn that successful practice comes from a combination of being in the right headspace, and having the practical skills needed to find, market and sell to the right clients.


This book is honest but positive about the difficult aspects of practice that are rarely talked about. Each chapter is broken down into elements which are quick and easy to read reflecting that practitioners are busy people, with plenty of exercises to aid self-reflection and problem solving.


Additional Information:

Published 2022 (Aeon Books) - ISBN: 9781913504045 – 238 pages – Paperback - Rights: World

Hannah Charman was just sixteen when she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and was treated by alternative practitioners who supported her on her journey to full recovery. In 1999 she graduated with an Honours Degree in Western Herbal Medicine. Since then she has worked with thousands of patients of all ages and backgrounds, with a special interest in chronic fatigue conditions.

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