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More Mindfulness

Back to the Buddhist Source

By Jikan

More Mindfulness

More Mindfulness is the sequel to the previously published book: "Mindfulness, back to the here and now". Where "Mindfulness, back to the here and now" dwells on the basics of mindfulness, this book goes further. Among other things, it goes deeper into the original role of mindfulness in Buddhism; mindfulness as a response to the first Buddhist truth: life is suffering.


It also discusses other Buddhist aspects involved in mindfulness such as mindfulness from the heart. Indeed, moral behaviour and a calm mind can reinforce each other. There is also a focus on mindfulness in action. After all, we cannot always sit on our meditation cushion. How do you shape mindfulness in daily life?

Additional Information:

Complete English translation available

72 pages – Rights: World (Excl. Dutch)

Dutch author Marc Jikan Brookhuis has written several books on zen, mindfulness and Eastern philosophy.


He works as a zenteacher in The Netherlands and gives many courses like Zen & Archery and Zen & Mindfulness.

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