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My Mother, My Daughter, My Self

By Jane Goldberg

My Mother, My daughter

Jane Goldberg Ph.D is a practicing psychoanalyst and a notable figure in the holistic health community.  She is also an established author and has appeared on radio and television programmes to talk about relationships, mind/body health, and psychological oncology.  In 1994 she was named “Most Admired Woman of the Decade” by the American Biographical Institute.

My Mother, My Daughter, My Self is a significant self-revelatory work which chronicles the separation process between mother and child, focussing most specifically on the mother/daughter relationship.  The book asks a core question for all mothers and adult children: how do we perform the perplexing, sometimes terrifying act of separation from our mothers and our children while simultaneously marching toward the unknown terrain of individuality?  How do we yield to this inevitable process of emotional separation from that which was once our own self?

The author uses her own experiences as a daughter, as a mother of a newly-adopted baby, and as a psychoanalyst to explore an essential truth:  that our relationships with our mothers affect our other significant love relationships, our values, our self-esteem, and our sense of satisfaction, often throughout the whole of our lives.  She also uses the experiences of some of her patients, taken from her forty years as a practicing clinician, to provide further fascinating insights and illustration.

Readers are gifted with both an internal parenting ‘guide’ as well as a deeply profound memoir about the internal process of being a mother that is so crucial, yet rarely looked at so intently.

'This wonderful book by Dr. Goldberg is warm, moving and so very true about the relationships of mothers ourselves and our daughters. Who would think a psychoanalyst could write so beautifully and yet clinically about the relationships of mothers and daughters?' - Vicki Semel, Ph.D., Director of Academy of Clinical and Applied Psychoanalysis, New Jersey

Additional Information :

Published 2016 (Free Association Books)

ISBN: 9781911383055 - 371 Pages - Paperback

Rights: World

Sold: China (Simplified)

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