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The Psychiatry of Resolving Schizophrenia Psychoanalytically

How Visualizing the Therapeutic Process can Assist Success

By Dr. Gillian Steggles

Psychiatry of resolving schizophrenia

Dr Gillian Steggles graduated in Medicine at University College London, before working in Psychiatry for a year. After receiving a Master’s Degree from the Institute of Psychiatry in London, she then completed her doctorate with Professor R. D. Hinshelwood at the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies at the University of Essex. Her work has always ultimately been orientated towards improvements in understanding and helping patients with schizophrenic illness, based on psychoanalytic knowledge.

The subject of schizophrenia tends to arouse people’s deepest-seated fears of mental illness and this is especially so when it relates to a loved one or to personal experience. It therefore becomes particularly important that services organizing efficient, effective and capable care for individuals suffering from psychosis are available to them and their families.

This book offers a scientific, explanatory, visual model of the mind affected by schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder, the general pathway it follows when it receives remedial treatment with psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and a way of visually conceptualizing its resolution when treated by this method.

This book tries to present visually the overall sum of the changes these schizophrenic minds undergo during remedial psychoanalytic psychotherapy.


It hopes thereby to illustrate the overall nature of their changing internal capacities and strengths as they interact with their psychoanalyst during their recovery from their schizophrenia to become independent individuals. Summarizing this process emphasises its completeness and reality, demonstrating it as a clinical phenomenon.

The experience of psychoanalytic psychotherapy is outlined, along with personal attributes required of the patient. This book aims to illustrate the very real possibility for future flourishing that working through difficulties like these makes possible for patients who persevere.

Additional Information :

Published 2019 (Free Ass. Books) - ISBN: 9781911383314

300 Pages - Paperback

Rights: World

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