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Sad Dad

An Exploration of Postnatal Depression in Fathers

By Olivia Spencer

Sad Dad

Olivia Spencer is a writer and researcher living in London. She has a special interest in mental health.

What happens to men when they become fathers? Why do some men get depressed, and how can we identify those who are? What does this mean for their children and their relationships? What can we do about it? Taking in many different perspectives, this book sheds light on the many aspects of postnatal depression in fathers - an unknown subject to many people.


The book includes a review of recent studies and research in this area, looking at the effects of postnatal depression on children and relationships, and an investigation into the reasons behind male postnatal depression, including the social and psychoanalytic factors which go some way to explaining why men experience this depression as well as women. The author talks to Michel Odent, a renowned obstetrician, writer and birth expert. His controversial view that men should not be present at childbirth, and that their presence may indeed this may be a trigger for depression, are central to his discussion.


She also talks to Adam Jukes, a psychoanalyst with a wealth of experience in working with violent and angry men, who gives fascinating insights into male behaviour. He claims that we simply don't give men the resources they need to deal with a new baby. The book opens up a discussion of diagnosis and treatment through personal stories from both men and women affected by a father's postnatal depression. It will increase awareness of this under-discussed subject and will challenge preconceptions. Postnatal depression in fathers has consequences for families worldwide, and so this is a book which has relevance for everyone.

'Excellent read, really informative book about a subject that should have a lot more recognition. Thoroughly recommend.' - Review on Amazon

Additional Information :

Published (Free Association Books) - ISBN: 9781853432309 - 175 Pages - Paperback - Rights: World

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