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Sally Forth

By Ian Paterson

Sally Forth

Sally Forth is an intriguing saga of the tribulations which bedevil the first 30 years of Sally Bridge’s life from her childhood growing up with her twin sister in a highly idiosyncratic household in 1980s Oldham, to her chaotic adult life in London.

Sally meets with a succession of unusual events, bizarre twists and life-changing ordeals including one particularly devastating event which overwhelms her and changes her life in a way that she could never have predicted.

Although she is highly intelligent, resourceful and engaging, Sally finds it difficult to forge relationships (even with her twin sister) and to develop a sense of who she is. This is essentially a story of Sally’s search for identity and of how she copes with the many misunderstandings, misjudgments and deceptions which assail her on her journey through life – a journey which, with the assistance of her penchant for wordplay and her pre-occupation with names, Sally is, nonetheless, able to take with good humour and fortitude.

Additional Information:

Published 2022 (Thorogood) - ISBN: 9781914928017 – Paperback - 388 pages

Rights: World

Sally Forth is Ian Paterson’s first novel. He is the author of three non-fiction works - Private Company Share Sale Manual, A Dictionary of Colour and Odd Words, Even Numbers the last of which celebrates the fascinating connections between words and numbers. Both A Dictionary Of Colour and Odd Words, Even Numbers are published by Thorogood. Ian is also the creator of an intriguing new word game called DefiniT – The Word Game, the rules of which are available in booklet form and as an eBook from Amazon. Ian is an avid collector of English Dictionaries.

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