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Secret Genes

Are we our genes: A DNA-Thriller
By Geert H. Blijham

Secret Genes

How much of a person's behavior is fixed in his genes? That is the question that DNA researcher Richard, data specialist Julia and behavioral scientist Chan want to answer. In Secret Genes, Geert H. Blijham outlines the ethical dilemmas that the main characters face. The novel is set in a wildlife park in South Africa, interspersed with scenes in the United States and China. In the dramatic showdown of the story, the role of the Chinese secret service becomes increasingly clear. Will Julia and Richard find the answer, will the data fall into the wrong hands?


Blijham describes the search for the secret genes with expert knowledge and provides the reader with an insight into medical-genetic research. A story full of wisdom, love and excitement. With this DNA thriller, Geert H. Blijham makes his debut as a novelist. 

Additional Information:

Published 2022 (Leporello/Dutch) – English translation available - 

9789079624416 – Paperback - 208pages


Rights: World

Geert H. Blijham was professor of Oncology and Internal Medicine in Maastricht and chairman of the Board of Directors at the Univ. Medical Center Utrecht.

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