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The Cat with Three Passports

By CJ Fentiman

The Cat with Three Passports Cover image.jpg

CJ Fentiman is a British-Australian author whose work has appeared in a wide range of the publications, from the Japan Times and Caravan World to Horses & People and Pets Bar. An expert on pet travel, she has featured in the media in the UK, USA, and Australia including Readers Digest, SBS radio, Books on Asia, The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, the Courier Mail, and one of the biggest blog platforms on cats, Katzenworld. Her memoir, The Cat with Three Passports, received the award in animal narrative in the 2021 International Book Awards.

Award winner in the Animals/Pets: Narrative Non-Fiction Category at the 2021 International Book Awards, USA

A girl struggling to fit in. A homeless kitten. An unexpected job offer in an unfamiliar country that changes everything.


CJ had a long history of escaping places and people she wasn't fond of. But for the sake of a silver tabby, she decided to stay in Japan for a while. This decision helped her open up her heart and mind, revisit her way of thinking, and reconnect with her estranged family.


Let this heartwarming memoir take you to the land of cats and cherry trees as you read about CJ's adventures - from the craziness of Furukawa's naked men festival, the experience of forest bathing and the significance of finding a life purpose or ikigai, to the temples of Takayama, and wonders of Cat Island - you'll see what a homeless kitten found outside a temple in Japan taught her about an old culture and new beginnings.

‘The author’s warmth of personality comes across so strongly that I felt totally enraptured by her responses to the evolving scenes and events.’ – Reader’s Favorite, USA

‘CJ has excelled in her craft with her wondrous writing skills. The book is said to be a memoir, but it is as interesting as a fiction novel.’ – Inertia Speaks

‘An uplifting memoir that will probably make you want to visit Japan.’ –Emma B Books, UK

‘This is a delightful book that will be especially appreciated by pet lovers and travelers. I loved that the book is whimsically enhanced by Japanese proverbs about cats at the beginning of each chapter.’ – Heather Diamond, author of Rabbit in the Moon

‘I thoroughly enjoyed this heartwarming memoir.’ –Conscious Cat, USA

Additional Information:

Published 2020 (Silver Vine Press) - Paperback - 232 pages

ISBN: 9780648851905 - Rights: World

Sold: Italy, Thailand & Serbia

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