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The Eleventh Grieve

A Climate-Change Novel
By Garth Hallberg

The Eleventh Grieve

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'A clever, compelling fable that puts a new spin on global warming and the
fate of our small planet.' - Bestselling author James Patterson

The Eleventh Grieve is a novel of a climate-change denier who's set straight romantically and professionally by two strong women, three if you count his mother. And one of them may not be entirely of this world! Jake Krimmer is a brash, thirtysomething financial speculator who make a killing off of “weird weather” - the disastrous storms and floods and heat waves that force power companies to scramble to supply electricity to their customers. But he’s about to lose his secret weapon, his unerring  meteorologist and - to his regret - x-girlfriend, Samantha Richards.


She’s deeply troubled about getting rich off the misery caused by what she knows is climate change. Enter Rita Ten Grieve, a mysterious, otherworldly woman who commands a futuristic technology called the Nimbus. She takes Jake back and forth in time to reveal the truth about the impending crisis to the planet. But will it be enough to convince him to change his ways and win back Samantha?


Additional Information:

Published 2023 (The Reason for Everything Press) - ISBN: 9780991377053 – Paperback - 256 pages


Rights: World

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