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The Hound & the Sea

By Katie O'Donoghue

The Hound & The Sea

An illustrated and timely tale of loss, friendship, and new hope. The world is currently experiencing a tremendous amount of uncertainty, grief, and loss, particularly over the past few years, having faced a pandemic and now wars.


The Hound & The Sea will be an invaluable tool for both children and adults. The tale contains psychological aspects of grief support, told gently with the aim of supporting the reader in the loneliness of their grief. The book guides the reader in:

*Recognising and acknowledging their loss

*Self-care and rest

*Accepting support from caring family and friends

*Normalising difficult emotions

*Knowing that grief is individual and there is no right or wrong way to grieve.

The book also contains a parent information section.

Additional Information:

35 pages - Colour Illustrations

Rights: World

Katie O'Donoghue is an accredited child and young people's therapist with a background in Fine Art and Design. She has a master's degree in Art Psychotherapy and is in the end stages of a Health Psychology PhD. She is the author of a children's wellbeing series, Titles; The Little Squirrel Who Worried, The Little Otter Who Tried,  and The Little Lamb Who Led (2024). 

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