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The Mature Psychotherapist

Beyond Training and Ideology

By Wyn Bramley

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Wyn Bramley is semi-retired and runs a small private practice in rural Oxfordshire.  She is the author of The Broad Spectrum Psychotherapist and The Supervisory Couple in Broad Spectrum Psychotherapy, also published by Free Asssociation Books.

Wyn Bramley presents a clinical memoir – which is simultaneously ‘light’ but serious – outlining all that happens (or fails to happen) that is not covered by books or training. 

Wyn Bramley has worked in the mental health field for more than 50 years. In this book she invites experienced therapists and counselors to consider becoming more self-directed practitioners. She advocates a coming together of the various disciplines as opposed to the old factionalism, believing that modern psycho-dynamic principles and concepts can be assimilated into all modalities. She takes old ideas in this field that have stood the test of time and places them, along with lively case material, in a contemporary context. She also brings us up to date with the latest Relational thinking, which readers may have missed in their training. Her central conviction is that mature therapists should dare to open up their own internal world to the work, so that the therapy is deeper and richer. She describes in plain, accessible language, and with clinical illustrations, how this may be accomplished.

Attention is given to the controversial issue of disorders of personality, the best way to do short term therapy in the NHS, the differences between couple and individual therapy, and how defense mechanisms and the developmental perspective operate in the consulting room of a modern self-reflective practitioner.

Additional Information :

Published 2017 (Free Association Books)

ISBN: 9781911383116 - 350 Pages - Paperback

Rights: World

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