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The Professor as a Guinea Pig

A Hopeful Perspective for Migraine Sufferers

By Irene van Staveren

Professor as a Guinea Pig

Migraine is one of the most onerous illnesses from which human beings can suffer. There are millions of migraine sufferers globally. Irene van Staveren is one of them. She was twenty-one when she had her first migraine attack.


When her doctors had failed to help her solve the problem after many years of trying, she decided to do some research on the matter herself. She explored the body of academic research that is beyond the mainstream and tried out her findings on herself. The results were astonishing: her migraine attacks decreased by 95%.

The Professor as a Guinea Pig is both a first-hand account by a patient and a fierce plea for the need for an experimental spirit in both doctors and patients.  Irene van Staveren offers the millions of migraine sufferers around the world a hopeful perspective.


Additional Information:

Published 2020 (Ten Have) - English sample available

ISBN: 9789025907792 – 240 pages – Paperback

Rights: World

Irene van Staveren is Professor of Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She specializes in development economics and social economics and is the author of dozens of academic journal articles as well as several economics books. She is the author of an economic textbook published by Routledge ('Economics after the Crisis’ in 2015) which she turned into a free online course with 50,000 learners worldwide, and she recently published an accessible introduction to alternative economic ideas published by Palgrave McMillan (‘Alternative ideas from 10 (almost) forgotten economists’, 2021). She is married and mother of two children and one stepchild and lives partly in an old fisherman’s house at the Dutch coast and partly in an old country house in the farmlands of the east of the country. She is a runner, plays drums, enjoys mountain biking in the forest and gardening.

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