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Very Private and Public Relations
By Jim Dunn

Very Private and Public Relations

Jim Dunn has 40 years' experience in journalism and public relations and extensive knowledge of advising organisations in the corporate, travel and leisure, entertainment, property and financial sectors. His current business interest is in helping to build up a small group of luxury 5 star hotels in Europe but he still keeps his hand in at writing and contributes a regular columns on his travels around the world.

Very Private and Public Relations is the autobiography of Travel PR guru Jim Dunn, who takes us on a rollicking ride from poor boy growing up gay in a small town on the west coast of Scotland to the five-star lifestyle of a PR guru in the fledgling travel industry of the early seventies in London. We discover Dunn’s story, from his childhood as a mummy's boy to his regular encounters on the "Love Train" home from Glasgow and his first love with a man in uniform.

His life quite literally 'took off' when he got his first job on the weekly newspaper Travel Trade Gazette. The fact that he admits he couldn't type, write or understand one end of PR from the other didn't stop him from creating the UK's leading travel and leisure PR consultancy over the next 3O years.

This book is a tour de force of Jim's life and work and is a fascinating insight into the travel business as we know it today - from the decidedly unglamorous British Benidorm to Hong Kong and the Bahamas.

‘Jim Dunn’s epic climb from Glaswegian poverty to millionaire status is the classic rags to riches story – with a very significant difference. Jim makes no secret of the dangers of being a gay man in repressive Scotland in the fifties. His honesty, humour and compassion in this frank autobiography will be an inspiration to gay people who still feel shunned in the modern world. I’ve known Jim for 30 years. Now I know – and like – my friend even better.’
Peter Hobday, broadcaster, presenter and former BBC Radio 4 Today programme host.


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Published 2021 (Thorogood) - 348 pages - ISBN: 9781854189356


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