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Visiting Heaven
By Marie-Claire van der Bruggen

A Visit from Heaven

Visiting Heaven is the sequel to The Fairy Tale of Death. Marie-Claire van der Bruggen relives the last days of her father's life, which they spend together and which they both experienced as very intensive, open and enriching. At the time of her father's passing a bridge forms between this world and the world hereafter, and because of this they experience this period as a very touching and thankful period. 

After some time Marie-Claire and her father are back in touch with each other. During these conversations we learn more about what happens to us when we die and how things evolve after death. 

Additional Information:

Published 2020 (Eoscentra/Pallasia) - 5th reprint

ISBN: 9789082758221 - 96 pages - Hardback

Rights: World (incl. World English, excl. Germany)

Ever since in her childhood Marie-Claire van der Bruggen (1969) was aware of a world that other people couldn’t perceive and where she felt very much at ease. After a long search she found answers to many of her questions.

With this book she wants to inspire other people to remember who they really are and where they really come from; and most importantly, she hopes to take away the fear of dying.

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