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Watermelon Snow

A Novel

By William A. Liggett

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William Liggett writes fiction that blends behavioral and earth sciences in the new cli-fi (climate fiction) literary genre. His goal is to paint a hopeful future, based on solutions to global warming. He holds a BS in geology and an MA in education, both from Stanford University, and a PhD in applied social psychology from New York University. Among the many positions he has held over the years, he taught in high school and college, conducted behavioral science studies for IBM, and consulted with health care and educational organizations. He and his wife, Nancy, live in Boulder, Colorado.

'Chill-worthy excitement balanced with cold reality.' - US Review of Books

An ambitious climate scientist uncovers a long-held secret, releasing an ancient virus that threatens her career, her team—and the lives of millions around the world.

Deep within the melting Blue Glacier in the Washington wilderness, climate scientist Dr. Kate Landry makes a remarkable discovery. Determined to conceal it from colleagues eager to steal her work, she must distract the behavioral scientist NASA sends to study her team.

From the moment he sets foot on the ice, Dr. Grant Poole finds himself in a strange world of unexpected beauty but fraught with extreme dangers he has tried his whole life to avoid. Greeted with suspicion, he soon realizes Kate is hiding something.

When a mysterious illness strikes her crew and an intense storm engulfs their tiny research station, Kate can no longer shield the truth from Grant. Thrown together in a struggle to survive, they are trapped between keeping Kate’s secret and protecting millions of people.

Time is running out. Can they find a way to save everyone and still preserve Kate’s discovery? Or will she unleash a pandemic far worse than the world has ever seen?

Fans of Michael Crichton and Robin Cook will enjoy this fast-paced adventure novel full of suspense and surprises. 

'A fast-paced adventure that is hard to put down . . . an excellent blend of intrigue and science especially recommended for fans of 'cli-fi' (climate change science fiction) and newcomers to the genre alike.' - Diane DonovanMidwest Book Review

Additional Information:

Published 2017 (Sandra Jonas Publishing) - 9780997487107 – Paperback

252 pages


Rights: World

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