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What Happens in Groups

Psychoanalysis, the Individual and the Community

By R.D. Hinshelwood

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R.D. Hinshelwood (born 1938) is an English psychiatrist and academic. He is a Professor of Psychoanalytic Studies at the Univ. of Essex. He trained as a doctor and psychiatrist. He has taken an interest in the Therapeutic Community movement since 1974, and was founding editor of The International Journal of Therapeutic Communities (in 1980), having edited. with Nick Manning, Therapeutic Communities. Reflections and Progress (1979, London: Routledge).

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Group processes are often surprising, bewildering, impenetrable. The author, Robert Hinshelwood, works systematically through the psychoanalytic concepts which bear on what happens in groups.


His examples are drawn from many years of experience in therapeutic communities, but are relevant to any sort of group.


Author of the highly-praised Dictionary of Kleinian Thought, Hinshelwood draws on the ideas of Jacques, Bion and Menzies Lyth.

'A joy to should be read by all those interested in small-group psychotherapy, milieu treatment and organisational dynamics.' -International Journal of Group Psychotherapy

'Every psychotherapist should study this book.' - British Journal of Psychotherapy

'There may be many contexts, whether social work, educational or political, which would junction more significantly and effectively with the aid of the analysis reviewed here.' - British Journal of Social Work

'This is a long overdue explanation of the processes and influences which can govern, and in many cases predict, the way in which groups of individuals interact.' - Community Care

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Published 1987 (Free Ass. Books) - ISBN: 9780946960897 - 288 Pages - Paperback - Rights: World

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