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Why Some Animals Eat Their Young

A Survivor's Guide to Motherhood

By Dallas Louis

Why some animals eat their young

Dallas Louis grew up in Austin, Texas. She earned a BA degree in Christianity from Houston Baptist University and served as the women’s ministry director of her church for seven years. A former field leader for MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) International, Dallas now travels the country speaking to women’s groups, encouraging them in their faith, parenting, marriages, and ministries. She lives in Houston with her husband and three children.

2022 Mom's Choice Gold Award • 2022 Ben Franklin Silver Award in Parenting & Family

2022 Independent Press Award, Distinguished Favorite in Parenting & Family

'Earthy, matter-of-fact, and simply hilarious.' - Midwest Book Review

When Dallas Louis decided that all she wanted was to meet and marry her Prince Charming and become a mom, she had no idea what was in store for her. But she would soon find out. After only seven months of dating the love of her life, she married him, and within the course of twenty-six months, she gave birth to three children. Her husband knew her longer pregnant than not pregnant!

In this laugh-out-loud book, Dallas shares highlights of what happened in her world once all her dreams came true. She would like readers to find comfort in knowing they aren't the only ones suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or buyer's remorse. And, yes, it's okay to admit that both of these conditions apply to parenting, though hopefully not all the time.

Channeling Erma Bombeck, Dallas will tell you the things your friends won't and the things other books are too afraid to print. With her irreverent humor and brash "tell it like it is" style, she'll help you laugh at everyday situations, easing the pressure of the toughest job in the world: being a mom.



Additional Information:

Published 2021 (Sandra Jonas) - Paperback - 208 pages

ISBN: 9781954861930


Rights: World

Sold: Simplified Chinese

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