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Writing with Courage and Love

Better Content - More Results

By Dolf Weverink, and others


Dolf Weverink is an experienced copywriter, trainer and educator. In this book he shares his experiences with you and gives dozens of tips that will help you become an (even) better writing coach and writing trainer. With contributions from fellow coaches and trainers.


Dolf trains writing coaches, gives writing training and coaches writing professionals.

It takes courage to write a good text. Courage to put the most important thing at the top and to write it in such a way, that everyone gets it immediately. It sounds simple, but it is harder than you think. You have to ask probing questions (i.e. 'What is the intention?'), and 'translate' the writers' intended message so that it immediately makes it clear to the reader.

It also takes courage to be creative. To tell or show the message or story in an original way, and to add a touch of drama if necessary to spice up the content.


And what about love? Ask yourself what the reader (or the visitor, the user) needs when she, he or they sees your content or message. If you love your reader, your target group, and your profession, you will start to write texts which are pleasant to read and will give you great joy to write.

This will result in better advertisements, articles, banners, blogs, brand story's, letters, campaigns, flyers, brochures, etc., and your customers will return for more.

Additional Information:

Published 2023 (Leporello / Dutch) - English translation available - 200 pages (incl. illustrations) - ISBN: 9789079624430 - Paperback

Rights: World

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