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Yet Here I Am

One Woman's Story of Life After Death

By Deborah Binner

Yet Here I Am

Deborah Binner suffered the unimaginable pain of losing her precious daughter Chloe to bone cancer when she was just eighteen years old. Still blinded by grief, just eighteen months later, she received the devastating blow that her beloved husband Simon had motor neurone disease.


He refused to allow the disease to take him and instead opted for an assisted suicide in a Swiss clinic, leaving Deborah bereaved once more. Many people would have sunk into despair but Deborah who had another daughter and two grandchildren to think of, knew she couldn't afford to succumb to her heartbreak and instead set about carving an altered future for herself and small family.


In Yet Here I Am she talks candidly of the crippling pain she suffered and find a form of happiness once more.



Additional Information:

Published 2018 (Splendid Books)

ISBN: 9781909109773 – 304 pages - Paperback

Rights: World

Deborah Binner is a broadcast journalist and an avid campaigner for better and kinder treatment for children with cancer. She sits on the board of the European NGO aPODD, a multi-stakeholder international group looking to develop new treatments through repurposing existing drugs. She is a founding member of the international campaign group Unite2Cure. She writes and talks regularly on a range of well being subjects including: the importance of creating hope and resilience in post traumatic stress disorder. She has a special interest in how some people can thrive and grow after trauma and is currently working on a series of articles about this topic.

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