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Zen Stories from the East

By Jikan

Zen stories

Zen Buddhism is well known for its stories and anecdotes. It is more likely that the reader remembers the contents than if it were presented as dry theory. Many stories in this book are educational, have a moral or provide an insight. Most of the stories derive from Zen Buddhism but the author will also explore Taoism.

At the end of the book you will find instructions on how to meditate, the most important practice in zen. Together with the collection of stories, this book gives a good insight in the world of zen.

Additional Information:

Complete English translation available

60 pages – Rights: World (Excl. Dutch)

Marc Jikan Brookhuis is a zenteacher, mental coach and author of non-fiction and fiction books.


Other titles are: Mindfulness, back to the here and now and Zen and the art of quality.

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