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On the Run
By Izai Amorim

On the Run - Izai Amorim

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New York City, early 1990s: a young, rich, and well-educated Central American man on the run from the police and Colombian drug dealers. He is accused of crimes he didn’t commit. Ready to do what it takes to survive, Pablo ironically embraces the very drug trade that threatened his life in the first place. Who is he? What is he really capable of? The question of identity is at the heart of On the Run. More than a contemporary story of survival, it’s a journey of self-discovery.

Pablo’s voice is funny, sometimes mean and merciless. He moves with nightmarish ease from recounting his adventures to recollecting his early life. Not always politically correct, On the Run gives you an insightful, twisted, humorous, and often disturbing view of conflicting worlds and beliefs: North and Latin America; black, brown, and white; rich and poor; rational and esoteric – and shows how they mix, match, and clash.


'What an unusual book! It begins with Pablo involved in a shooting which was a set up. We then learn that Colombians and Fed’s are all after him which leads to him going on the run. What a fascinating tale then unfolds as we follow Pablo on his incredible journey. This takes him on a voyage of self discovery through many areas of his life both past and present as he travels to the future. A terrifying journey trying to escape capture, survive with no money, afraid to contact friends for fear of capture. How could he prove his innocence. There are many things to enjoy with this story. I loved the way Pablo argued with himself over religion, politics etc. Also the humour throughout. The author gives us a rich tapestry woven with colourful characters all with unique stories. Does Pablo escape capture? Does he find what he seeks? You will have to read this for yourself. I am sure you will enjoy finding the answers. I really recommend this.' - Reader Review on Amazon



Additional Information:

Published revised edition 2021 - ISBN: 978-3000530395 – 358 pages - Paperback

Rights: European Languages

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